Graduating during a pandemic

✨ The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ✨

- Eleanor Roosevelt.

Graduation is a time in our lives we can all look back on, whether you graduated in 2021 or whatever year you tell people 😉 It is an almost-universal rite of passage in many of our lives where we often look back with fondness and nostalgia. 💃

This year with the COVID-19 Pandemic, in short things have been uncertain. The only thing that has been made clear throughout these tough times has been the importance of spending time with those who matter most.

Graduates especially have felt the brunt of COVID-19 forced to complete their courses online with minimal in-person contact with their friends and teachers. For anyone who has taken an online course being self directed is hard, and like most would agree having human connections was my favourite part about high school.

With that, graduates were not able to celebrate with the usual dinner & dance at a local hotel or community centre. 😔

When I graduated we had a dinner and dance at the Delta Hotel in Downtown Winnipeg. I got dressed up in my hot pink high low dress and took the obligatory photos with my parents. It was a nice to remember and I am very grateful I took many pictures as most memories from that night are now just a memory.

This year without the usual festivities grads have been trying to find other means of celebrating such as: drive by celebrations where convoys of vehicles parade past the grads house, yard signs commemorating the graduate, or grad photo sessions!

This is where I come in and i've been SO grateful to give the gift of a semi-normal grad celebration. For the grads I photographed this year you could tell each grad and family were full with just as much pride as pre-pandemic times. Getting professional portraiture for important milestones such as graduation ensures the special moments are best captured, no more of those poorly lit iPhone photos with someone on selfie mode. 🤳

For important moments you want to live them, and for anyone who has been on vacation and tried to take photos of everything, you know it is no small feat to capture the moment as it appeared to you.

Professional photographs give you quality images which will last for decades, and images that you will be proud about hanging on your walls. You don't want to be making holes in your walls for just ANY picture, you want it to be beautiful, represent your unique qualities and WOW all of your visitors ('cause c'mon who doesn't want to do that!) 🔥

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