3 BEST locations in Downtown Winnipeg for engagement photos

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

So you just got engaged, now what? Well let's face it planning for your big day, or small celebration can be overwhelming with a capital "O".

We get it, finding the right venue, flowers and seating arrangement seems like a distant fantasy but it is not too early to celebrate.

Celebrate with an engagement session that shows off your style and shares your story.

We believe engagement portrait sessions are just as important as the big day and are a great way to get to explore your creativity pre-wedding day. ALSO another great opportunity to get some quality face to face with your photographer and allow them the opportunity to practice getting your "good side" ;)

Perfect so now you've got your photographer and you want to find a location that showcases your personal flare, whether that is: light and airy / architectural / intimate / natural, Downtown Winnipeg has got it all. With so many options to choose from, where do we start?

First things first. What. To. Wear. Your clothes are an extension of your personality and should reflect that, so I always advise my clients to wear what feels good. Is there a shirt and pants combo that makes you feel like a million bucks but maybe isn't what you see everyone else wearing? WEAR IT! Its about feeling your best and telling YOUR story.

However if you are looking for some tips from a photographer on what photographs well, I would say coordinating colours is a good place to start. Whether its burgundy, black or bright orange, having both parties on board creates a cohesive look, and who doesnt want to be super cute and matchy? Compliment your

partners colours to make it more vibrant, yet subtle. If you are ever unsure ask your photographer! I love to have an idea of what colours my clients are rocking so I can offer suggestions on fun props or additional clothing items to help show my client's personality.

Now that you are clothed and feeling confident, lets talk locations!

Located all within very close proximity I have listed my TOP 3 BEST OUTDOOR LOCATIONS IN DOWNTOWN WINNIPEG for engagement and wedding day photos.

In no particular order lets get to it~

#1 - St Boniface Cathedral (180 Avenue de la Cathedrale, Winnipeg, MB R2H 0H7) Located on Treaty 1 Territory and the Métis Nation Homeland

Located adjacent to the red river and the Forks National Historic site this spot has a lot to offer. I love to catch the sunset by the river with my clients then head up to the cathedral to get some shots with the warm glowing lamps and beautiful bricks. This spot is perfect in any season spring summer fall winter, you name it! If you are looking for a location with history, architectural elements, as well as would like the option for night time/dusk shoots I would highly suggest booking this location for your engagement/wedding shoot within Winnipeg.

Bookings are however required in advance, you can contact the Cathedral directly for bookings :)

Features: old bricks, all season, neutral/beige palette, night/dusk shoots, rounded archways, classic architectural feel.

Admission: See the St. Boniface Cathedral website for shooting fees and booking info:

Parking: Street parking is available on Avenue De la Cathedrale

(on the forks side of the river, looking towards St. Boniface Cathedrale)

Winnipeg Photo Locations, St Boniface Cathedral, Winnipeg Manitoba. Couple photography. Engagement shoot

#2 - Provencher Bridge (Located off Provencher, connecting downtown Winnipeg with St. Boniface) Located on Treaty 1 Territory and the Métis Nation Homeland

Take a stroll hand-in-hand across the Provencher bridge and enjoy views of the Forks National Historic site, as well as the heart of St. Boniface. I LOVE the versatility of this location, you could easily hit up the St. Boniface Cathedral or cozy up near the shore of the Red River. If you are looking for a location with a modern and architectural feel I would highly suggest this location for your engagement shoot.

Features: modern look, neutral palette, all season, airy and light feel.

Admission: Free

Parking: I would recommend parking at the Forks National Historic Site adjacent to the Canadian Human Rights Museum.

Provencher bridge engagement photo shoot, downtown Winnipeg photos, Wedding photographer Winnipeg, Portraits in Winnipeg
Provencher Bridge

#3 - Canadian Museum for Human Rights (85 Israel Asper Way, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0L5) Located on Treaty 1 Territory the Métis Nation Homeland

This is one of my favourite locations. No matter your taste the Canadian Museum for Human Rights has got it all! Hands down my favourite location as the museum offers a variety of scenery, coupled with the intimate feel of a private location. ALSO if it happens to be winter this is the perfect location to escape the cold, get a photoshoot in then spend the afternoon exploring the exhibitions and/or the Forks National Historic Site. If you are looking for a location that has it all I would highly suggest this location.

The photographs below are actually from a proposal I filmed (while hiding behind a pillar to not look suspicious) followed by a surprise engagement shoot in and around the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Features: indoor/outdoor, intimate lighting,modern / architectural

Admission: Adults $18, consult the website for current admission price and hours of operation.

Parking: Paid parking lot directly adjacent the museum

Winnipeg engagement photographer, Human Rights Museum photoshoot, Winnipeg wedding photographer, Winnipeg photos

Whichever location you choose MAKE IT YOUR OWN. Every picture has a story, and each couple I meet brings a unique energy which I am grateful to be able to capture in photo form.

There is only one you, and you deserve the opportunity to remember these moments that pass way too quickly. Cakes gets eaten and flowers wilt but pictures live on to tell a story, your story.

When planning your big day, renewing your vows, or just celebrating life think about hiring a professional photographer to ensure your moment is remembered.

If you want to chat or have any questions about how Erin Laye Photography can help you tell your story shoot me an email at or visit me at

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